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The Burlington Partnership specialises in creating and managing websites and social media for membership driven organisations


Inspired by the five learned societies who made their home at
Burlington House in London, the Burlington Partnership is a team of
new media, publishing and PR specialists dedicated to making
membership-driven businesses and societies grow. This is our house.

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We take care of your web design, hosting and online PR.

Who we are?

A Partnership of Professionals

The Burlington Partnership was created by Dr Sam Willis and Matt Doyne-Ditmas and is a partnership of new media specialists with wide experience in web design, traditional and online publishing, social media, PR and membership services. Sam is a well-known author and broadcaster, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

He also acts as online-editor of the Navy Records Society and is a social media specialist. Matt has run his own web-design and online marketing business for a decade and specialises in design, branding and membership. Sam and Matt are supported by a team of advisers and specialists in coding, social media, archive and membership management.


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The Society For Nautical Research

Sam Willis

The Navy Records Society


BBC History Magazine


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